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About Us

Michael Jeh

I live in Brisbane but my heart beats in Africa. First went on safari in 2001 and that was the start of a deep love affair with the African bush. I’ve led many groups on safaris and it’s still as exciting for me as that very first time. It’s my job to sort out every little detail along the way so you can focus your energies on enjoying the unique safari experience we’ve created. I’m also a certified Ranger/Guide but there’s so much more to learn…some things can only be learned barefoot in Africa.  I usually team up with highly qualified rangers/guides in Africa, most of whom have forgotten more than I’ll ever know!

Get to know a little bit more about Michael and his passion for Africa with this audio interview with Steve Austin (Evenings Show) on 612ABC Local Radio on March 16, 2011

Marina Visser

Marina Visser is our resident wildlife guide/ranger in South Africa. She is a FGASA Level 3 Guide and has extensive Big 5 (dangerous game) walking experience in Kruger National Park.  She has worked on white rhino relocation projects and has a strong passion for working with local communities who live around the periphery of wildlife reserves, helping them to find sustainable ways to farm cattle whilst conserving wildlife. She has also adopted 24 horses to care for, giving them a second chance in life. See Horse Whispers.