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This is what really pushes our buttons!  At Barefoot in Africa, we have this dream of being able to create holidays that leave a little bit of your heart in the wilds of Africa.  Kind of like a “holiday with a conscience”.

Spending time with the future of Africa

Guests can opt for a combination of volunteering and pure safari activities. We offer options like helping to build schools and working with poor villages.  We help with anti-poaching activities and with conservation tasks in the middle of the jungle.  Your imagination and enthusiasm are the only limits to what we can do with local communities in southern Africa – the bottom line is to find ways to minimise human/animal conflict and save animals.

We’re really into the notion of “the natural high”.  There’s nothing more thrilling than getting up close to a lion or elephant.  We’ll be working with schools and youth groups to push the notion of chasing that natural high as an alternative to drugs, alcohol and other harmful behaviours. Get barefoot in Africa and feel the buzz of a natural high!

That's a natural high!

Schools and other community organisations (even individuals) have the chance to run projects that focus on these communities in Africa.  There are a million little ways you can get involved, from making uniforms for the anti-poaching scouts to helping to build and equip rural schools to helping villagers, especially females, to find ways to co-exist with wildlife and create wealth for their people.  If you’ve got something to contribute, in physical or material terms, we can find a way to put it to good use.  A Barefoot in Africa safari is more than just a thrill for you….it can be the start of leaving your footprint in Africa and helping to conserve wildlife.  Here’s a little You Tube clip we made from a recent trip to Zimbabwe where we’re hoping to ‘twin’ with a sister school in Brisbane

What sort of things can you get involved with?  Here are some ideas:

  • Help build school infrastructure
  • Teach English
  • Source clothing and other donations that we can take to Africa (eg: Crocs Australia donated 200 pairs of shoes recently which made an amazing difference to the local community in Africa)
  • Build, repair, maintain infrastructure in local villages (eg: solar panels, toilets, classrooms, running water, wildlife fences, cottage industries)
  • Teaching-aids and gift to the village school (flash cards, laptop computers, donating books)
  • Anti-poaching activities (picking up snares in the bush, making uniforms for game scouts, raising money for conservation projects)
  • Assist with farming and infrastructure projects aimed at minimising human/animal conflict (eg: helping villagers to become self-sufficient so that poaching is less of a temptation)
  • Conservation activities like preventing erosion, game counting (eg: rhino), anti-poaching patrols etc.  It’s basically a safari walk with a purpose!

    working on erosion control in the bush