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What makes us different? Why is a safari with us a unique experience? Our name says it all really – Barefoot in Africa! Never forgetting “safety first” principles, our safaris are designed to give you the chance to learn new skills that make this trip much more than a ‘spectator sport’. We’d like to help you to gain a deeper insight into the entire African ecosystem so that you understand the complex relationship that governs all creatures great and small.


We will try to give you some basic skills to help you track down some of the bigger animals, like rhino, elephant or lion (under our strict supervision of course). Experience the thrill of the chase as we track down our quarry and hopefully get close enough for that magic photograph, knowing that you actually played your part in interpreting the signs, sounds and smells of the bush. It’s an intense and personal sense of satisfaction that comes with being Barefoot in Africa.

If our guests want to track down a specific animal (eg: rhino), we’ll do our best to find one and allow you to track it down. It’s the sort of personal service that our previous guests have appreciated – being woken up at 4 am to see lions walking through the camp is something that we try to do when the opportunity presents itself. We can’t always guarantee what we’ll see but it’s not for want of trying. We realise that it’s your special holiday and it’s our job to make it memorable.

A normal day on safari might comprise at least one game drive and a walk each day. Dusk and dawn tend to be the best times to spot the predators in action so you can expect early starts. There will be plenty of time in the middle of the day to relax, sit by the pool, eat like Kings and just wait for the wildlife to come to you as you sit by the viewing deck at your lodge. A safari holiday is a unique mix of excitement, awe-inspiring beauty and the chance to really recharge your batteries in Nature’s Garden of Eden.


One thing we will never compromise is your safety. No animal sighting or photograph is worth that. All of our previous guests have enjoyed the ‘adrenalin rushes’ but they know we respect the power of the natural world. We’ll get you close, we’ll teach you some skills, we’ll give you the “game ranger” experience but at the end of the day, we’ll never forget that wild Africa belongs to the animals. That’s why we believe that being Barefoot in Africa is more than just a slogan – it’s the philosophy that has shaped our love for all things African. Come and see for yourself….